Accountability for First Nations

The last Conservative Government brought in a new era of transparency in Canada.  Caps were placed on political financing, new ethical rules were introduced, and disclosure was required on a regular basis.  Canadians now expect their elected officials to follow these rules so that they can remain confident that their leaders are working in the interest of their constituents.  Why should Indigenous leaders be treated differently?

The last Conservative Government courageously passed the First Nations Transparency Act.  The law meant that the leadership of more than 500 First Nation bands would have, for the first time, their financial statements published for all to see.  Do you remember what everybody saw?  While there was no issue with the statements of many First Nation bands, there were still too many leaders earning huge sums of money—sometimes more than the Prime Minister!  The First Nations Transparency Act quickly become an indispensable way of shedding light on the spending decisions of Indigenous leaders.

And what did the Liberals do once elected?  They stopped publishing the financial information of the First Nations bands.  They brought in a new era of financial darkness and unaccountability for First Nations. 

As Prime Minister, Andrew will ensure that the disclosure requirements of the First Nations Transparency Act are enforced so that First Nations can once again hold their leaders to account.

Do you support Accountability for First Nations?