February 21, 2017

Andrew Scheer Announces Common Sense Approach to Firearms

Andrew Scheer, leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada today announced his proposed firearms policy.

“This policy is informed by my own experiences with hunting and through much consultation with stakeholder groups, the people with a solid understanding of gun safety,” said Scheer. “I believe this is a common sense approach which draws a definitive line between law-abiding gun owners and criminals.”

An Andrew Scheer government will launch a review of the criminal code and repeal all federal regulations pertaining to firearms ownership, usage and transportation which do not do the following: ensure that Canada’s firearms laws respect the rights of honest firearms owners, recognize the fact that hunting and sports shooting are an important part of Canadian culture and history, and empower police to concentrate on real criminals who are a threat to the public.
In addition to the review, the policy proposes to:

  • Remove the power of the RCMP to arbitrarily make reclassifications. 
  • Decriminalize administrative infractions such as late renewal of a recently-expired firearms licence.
  • Define terms like ‘variant’ in legislation 
  • Repeal the UN Firearms-Marking Regulations 
  • Strengthen the Firearms Advisory Council 
  • Create a Firearms Ombudsman

“Law-abiding Canadians should not have to justify to the government why they need a firearm,” continued Scheer. “We need laws that will empower police in their efforts to keep our streets safe. The policy I am proposing will ensure that law enforcement officers aren’t forced to waste their time policing those who follow the laws, and can concentrate their efforts on actual criminal activity with regards to guns.”

Scheer’s common-sense policy has earned him the endorsement of a long-time defender of law-abiding firearms owners, former MP Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville):

“When considering my choice for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I looked for someone who espouses real Conservative values and who has a common sense vision for the role of government. The answer was clear… Andrew Scheer is that leader. As Prime Minister, he will protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners like hunters and farmers.”