April 20, 2017

Andrew Scheer calling for an expedited return of illegal migrants to the United States

Andrew Scheer, candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, is once again asking the Trudeau government to speed up procedures to return to the US people crossing the Canadian border illegally.


"This issue is growing month after month, but Justin Trudeau continues to do nothing. This is another example of the misplaced compassion of the Liberals. I have said time and time again, there is no imminent danger in North Dakota, Maine and Vermont that is forcing people to come to Canada. They do not respect the law, and they must be quickly returned to the United States,” said Mr. Scheer.

RCMP officers intercepted 658 people in February and 887 in March trying to enter Canada illegally at the border. The three most affected provinces are Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia.

"We need to concentrate our efforts in the right place. When people are entering Canada illegally, they are trying to jump the line ahead of people who are following the rules and are actually in harm’s way in refugee camps in the Middle East and elsewhere. Canada must help those facing difficult situations in their countries instead of putting resources into dealing with people who are not currently in any danger in the United States, "said Scheer.