February 06, 2017

Andrew Scheer Earns Endorsement of Former Ottawa-area MP

Royal Galipeau, member of parliament for Ottawa-Orléans from 2006-2015, announced today his support of Andrew Scheer in his candidacy to become Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

"Many friends are seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada,” said Galipeau. “Andrew Scheer has the best understanding of traditional family values, Conservative principles and Parliamentary procedure and he can speak to these with eloquence in both English and French.

Andrew was born and raised in Ottawa. I was honoured to serve with him for ten years, including almost three years working together helping to preside over the House of Commons.”

Said Scheer, "I was privileged to work closely with Royal when I served with him in his role as Deputy Speaker. I learned a great deal from him, including a deep appreciation of our democratic institutions. I am grateful for his support and confidence in me."

With his endorsement, Mr. Galipeau joins 23 Members of Parliament, seven Senators, six former MPs and 23 MLAs in their support of Andrew Scheer for Conservative Leader.