March 08, 2017

Andrew Scheer outlines a plan to protect and develop the forest industry

Andrew Scheer, running for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, announced today a plan designed to defend and promote the Canadian forestry industry. The plan is based on fighting misinformation, investing in innovation and opening new markets. 

“Our forest industry is currently under attack. We must fight back and defend ourselves. Groups like Greenpeace are threatening our forest industry by disseminating false information to clients of Canadian businesses operating in the forestry sector. Our forestry workers use the best practices in the world and we need to tell that story” said Scheer.

To counter the attack on our forestry workers, a Scheer government will develop a marketing and communications strategy aimed at promoting the practices used by employees in our forest industry. Also, Canadian embassies all over the world will engage with clients of our lumber industry.

“We must also invest in innovative means of production. To do so, I will re-establish initiatives such as the forestry innovation program which supports R&D activities, as well as technology transfers in the Canadian forestry sector” added Scheer.

Given the current decline in the traditional markets, Mr. Scheer is determined to foster the development of new markets for our forest products. 

“Justin Trudeau and his government have failed the forest industry and those who make their living from it. It is simply unacceptable. We must support our logging companies as they seek to sign new international agreements and new clients and we must defend this industry from foreign organizations spreading misinformation. This cannot wait till 2019. As Leader of the Official Opposition, I will make it my business to go to Washington with MPs and industry representatives to promote our forest industry.”