February 07, 2017

Andrew Scheer would make EI maternity and parental benefits tax-free

Andrew Scheer, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada announced policy proposals aimed at giving more choice to parents of newborns.

“For new moms and dads, the costs associated with caring for a new baby coupled with the loss of income when either parent chooses to stay home to take care of their child can be overwhelming and a source of stress in what should be an incredibly happy time,” said Scheer. “Making EI benefits for maternity and parental leave tax-free leaves money in the pockets of parents at the time when they may need it most.”

Scheer’s proposal involves removing the federal tax charged to both maternity and parental leave benefits, as well as raising the limits on how much work a parent can do while on leave.

“I have heard countless stories of frustration from parents who feel the current limits are too restrictive. Raising the amount of time someone can work while on maternity or parental leave just makes sense and gives parents the ability to make the choices that are best for their own families,” Scheer continued.