January 18, 2017

Andrew's extended trip to Quebec City

Andrew traveled to Quebec City, where he enjoyed his extended trip.

On December 10th, Andrew had dinner with Louis-Saint-Laurent MP

On January 11th, Andrew met so many great people and had great conversations with many strong Conservatives.

 January 12th was Andrew's big announcement. Andrew was endorsed by 4 Quebec MP's, Luc Berthold (Mégantic-L’Érable), Sylvie Boucher (Beauport-Côte de Beaupré-Île d’Orléans-Charlevoix), Alain Rayes (Richmond-Arthabaska) and Pierre Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles).


 Later on, Andrew had an interview with Catherine Lachaussée to talk about the support of 4 Quebec MP's in his campaign to the leadership of the CPC.

CBC interview

During the evening, Andrew had another interview with Anne-Marie Dussault to the 24/60 to RDI show to talk about the support that he received from the 4 Quebec MP's. Then finally, to end the day, Andrew enjoyed watching the Quebec Remparts game with Pierre Paul-Hus.

Quebec Ramparts game

 On January 13, Andrew had a morning interview with Sylvain Bouchard on FM93 Quebec. To listen to the interview, please click on the link: https://t.co/XVeT8qCWOy

FM93 Quebec

 Later on, I had an interview with Mario Dumont on the airwaves of LCN and an interview with Roby Moreault on-air CHOI 98.1 Radio X Quebec.

CHOI 98.1

 January 17th was the big debate in Quebec City. Andrew once again, showed conservatives that he is the clear-cut leader in the race that can unify the Conservative Party and beat Justin Trudeau in 2019!