Ending Corporate Welfare

Corporate welfare costs Canadians billions. 

It distorts the market, picks winners and losers, and in the long run is more damaging to the economy.

The government should be creating the conditions for all Canadian companies to have a chance at succeeding, not subsidizing individual businesses.

The recent subsidy given to Bombardier is a perfect example of the Liberal government ignoring private sector solutions, hurting the aerospace sector, and then using your tax dollars to fix their mess.

Porter Airlines wants to buy Bombardier jets. They need the Toronto Island Airport to be lengthened so that jets can land there. The Liberals have announced that they will block any attempt to expand the airport. So Porter cannot buy the jets, and Bombardier cannot sell them.

Now the Liberals have provided Bombardier with over $300 million in taxpayers` dollars.

As PM I will phase out corporate welfare. No more bailouts for giant corporations.

Instead I will lower taxes on business, reduce red tape, keep payroll taxes low and simply get out of the way when a free market solution presents itself.

No more federal ministers picking winners and losers.

Do you support Ending Corporate Welfare?