March 24, 2017

Former M.P. Tilly O’Neill-Gordon endorses Andrew Scheer for Conservative Leader

Former Member of Parliament Tilly O’Neill Gordon announced her support of Andrew Scheer as candidate for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

“In the time that I have known Andrew, I have always been impressed by his genuine love of his family and how much they mean to him,” said Ms. O’Neill-Gordon. “Andrew’s conservative policies of low taxes, encouraging the private sector and fiscal responsibility are what we need for the party and the country right now. Being leader is not only about policies and principles, though, it’s about character. And I know Andrew also has that in spades,” she continued.

Ms. O’Neill-Gordon was a Member of Parliament (Miramichi) from 2008-2015 during which time she served as Vice-Chair of the Status of Women Committee.

“Having been one of only three Conservative MPs elected in Miramichi since Confederation, Tilly knows what it is to stand for conservative principles. Her excitement and energy is contagious and I am so thankful for all she is doing to communicate our positive vision to New Brunswickers and beyond.”

Tilly O’Neill-Gordon joins 24 MPs, nine Senators, 30 MLAs and MPPs and 13 former MPs supporting Andrew Scheer for Leader of the Conservative Party.