January 12, 2017

Four Quebec MPs endorse Andrew Scheer for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative MPs Luc Berthold, Alain Rayes, Pierre Paul-Hus and Sylvie Boucher announced today that they are supporting Andrew Scheer in his campaign to be Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“Over the last 14 months, we have worked with Andrew daily and we have found that he is a real leader. He tackles his files with rigor and his worth ethic is exemplary. His professional and personal qualities like his sense of family, his dynamism and his energy will make him not only an excellent leader, but a Prime Minister who will earn the respect of all Canadians,” said the four Conservative MPs from Quebec.

“It’s a great honour for me to receive the support of four MPs who are so talented. With Luc, Alain, Pierre and Sylvie I am convinced we will convince many Quebecers to join our team to win this race and the next election,” said Scheer.

“The endorsement of these four Quebec MPs is a very strong signal that my message is resonating across the country. Quebec is the only province where we made gains in the last election, and we must continue this momentum,” added Scheer.

With the support of these four Quebec MPs, Andrew Scheer now has the support of 23 MP’s who support his candidacy. No other leadership candidate has close to the same amount of support from elected Conservatives. Scheer is the only candidate to have the support of MPs from every province where the Conservative Party has elected MPs.