Freedom of Speech

Andrew Scheer is standing up for Freedom of Speech by voting against M-103 and C-16. 

As a someone whose faith is integral to my life, Andrew is grateful for and believe very strongly in the religious freedom we enjoy here in Canada. That freedom, which includes protection against discrimination based on your faith, is a right for ALL Canadians and Andrew will fight to protect those rights and freedoms.

  • M-103 is not inclusive. It singles out just one faith. Andrew believes that all religions deserve the same level of respect and protection.
  • M-103 does not define Islamophobia.
  • M-103 could be interpreted as a step towards stifling free speech and legitimate criticism.

That's why Andrew also voted against bill C-16 last year. C-16 adds gender identity to the Humans Rights Act, as well as various provisions of the criminal code. Many experts on civil liberties say that this bill would make using pronouns like ‘him’ and ‘her’ subject to fines and penalties if some people find those terms offensive.

Will you sign the petition against M-103 and C-16 in favour of freedom of speech?

Will you sign?