No free speech on campus means no federal grants

Canada is a country that cherishes freedom of expression and celebrates a rich history of academic inquiry, It is a country that has, throughout its history, fostered the pursuit of knowledge and free exchange of ideas. We have a long-standing tradition encouraging professors to pursue avenues of research and thoughtful investigation, unfettered by political interference.

The tradition  of academic inquiry in our post-secondary institutions not only applies to academics but also to students on our many university campuses. A post-secondary education is defined not only by course-work but by the development and discussion of ideas by young Canadians.

Sadly, freedom of speech is under attack on our campuses. Through the establishment of safe-spaces, forbidden topics, and banning of speakers and campus clubs, our colleges and universities are becoming no-go zones for open dialogue,

Our society becomes less free and more easily manipulated by small but powerful special-interest groups bent on imposing their particular brand of political correctness. When we surrender our basic rights to these groups, we allow our culture of free discussion to be silenced, contained, and quarantined.

We can work to reverse this trend by ensuring that Canadians remain at liberty to question political and social authority, and free to discuss ideas which may not be popular to the vocal and disruptive few.

As Prime Minister, I will ensure that public universities or colleges that do not foster a culture of free speech and inquiry on campus will not receive federal funding.

The federal government provides research grants via CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC, Canada Research Chairs among other funding mechanisms. In order to be eligible to apply for grants, public universities must pledge to uphold the widest possible free speech rights on their campuses and their record of fostering free and open speech on campuses will be considered as a factor for eligibility as well.

A public post-secondary institution that doesn’t support freedom of expression and inquiry will likewise not have financial support from the federal government.

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