November 28, 2016

Raj Bhela appointed BC South Asian coodinator for Andrew Scheer campaign

Raj Bhela has taken on the role as the coordinator for the South Asian community in BC for Andrew Scheer's leadership campaign.

Raj Bhela is a well-respected leader in the South Asian community. Raj served as a General Secretary for the largest Pioneer Society in North America, Khalsa Diwan Society, for 8 years. During his terms as General Secretary, he established contacts throughout Canada, in particular, BC.

Raj brings a wealth of political leadership to the Scheer campaign. He was instrumental in electing Christy Clark as a leader of BC Liberal party.  During the last federal election, he worked with Jason Kenney in BC. He kept Mr Kenney busy (up to 15 meetings a day most of the time) and will do the same for Andrew.

"I'm excited that Raj has taken a leadership role in my campaign," said Andrew Scheer. "I look forward to working with him to deepen my connection to BC's vibrant and important South Asian community."