February 02, 2017

Scheer Announces Property Rights Protection

Conservative Leadership Candidate Andrew Scheer announced today that he would enshrine property rights in the Canadian Constitution.

“Too often, different levels of government usurp the rights of property owners, with little or no compensation. Currently, there is no constitutional protection for those whose property is affected by government policy. When Trudeau Sr. enacted the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, property rights were left out as the price for the NDP’s support.” Scheer explained.

As a result of the omission of property rights from the Charter, federal and provincial governments can enact laws which remove the right to use and enjoy one’s property, without providing adequate compensation.

“As prime minister, I will invite every province to initiate a motion under the Section 43 amending formula to enshrine property rights in the Constitution. When Parliament passes identical motions, property rights will be enshrined in each of these provinces.”

Section 43 allows amendments to the Constitution, in relation to any provision that applies to one or more, but not all, provinces to be made if identical resolutions are adopted by Parliament and by the legislature of the relevant province.

This means that, on a bilateral, province-by-province basis, property rights can be included in the Constitution and can be given back to Canadians, via the Charter of Rights. A Scheer government would challenge every provincial government to grant its residents this fundamental right. As provinces sign on, the public in the remaining provinces would demand that their own legislatures follow this example.