March 07, 2017

Scheer calls on Trudeau Government to bring back Canada’s Fighter Aircraft against ISIS

Andrew Scheer, candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, today called upon Justin Trudeau to step up the fight against ISIS. 

“Mr. Trudeau’s decision to pull our fighter aircraft against ISIS was based on a political decision that endangered the lives of our forces and those of our allies,” said Scheer. “In doing so, he also diminished our reputation among our allies as a partner that can be counted on to do all we can to thwart this evil.”

ISIS is a death cult using rape and violence as a weapon of war, enslaving women and girls and killing religious and ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq.

Under the previous Conservative government, Canada stepped up and punched above its weight in the fight against ISIS.

If our Canadian Forces are being sent into a war zone, in whatever capacity, the government has a responsibility to ensure they have all they need to remain as safe as possible and to win the fight. Politics should not be a factor.

Secondly, if Canada does not do its fair share, and we don’t back up our words with action, we become relegated to the secondary tier of countries who are asking other countries to do more and more while we do less and less. That is not the Canadian way.

“Making military decisions based on political factors is wrong. As Prime Minister, I would ensure that we are doing all we can to stand with our allies to fight the scourge of ISIS and to ensure they are defeated,” Scheer continued. “Canada needs to step up and not just talk about our values, but hold nothing back in fighting against this scourge of rape and genocide.”