December 13, 2016

Scheer demands “safe consumption sites” require “social licence” from the community

Andrew Scheer, MP for Regina-Qu’Appelle and candidate for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada criticized the Liberal plan (Bill C-37) to make it easier to open so-called “safe consumption sites.”

“Communities need to have a meaningful say on the opening of each new site. The Liberal government claims it believes in social licence when it comes to pipelines – does the principle apply to these facilities for illegal drug use? And if not, why not?” said Scheer. “If communities can veto over pipelines, why not the placement of these sites?”

“There is nothing safe about these “safe consumption sites,” injecting heroin or other intravenous drugs is an extremely dangerous and illegal behaviour. These sites do not help people fight the scourge of addiction, but merely maintain users in their addiction.

“I believe that we should be helping addicts by investing in high-quality recovery programs, not in programs that maintain addiction without offering hope. Millions of Canadians are in recovery, and that should be the goal for all drug addicts. As Prime Minister, my priority would be to fund programs that get addicts off the street and into recovery.”