October 04, 2016


Trudeau risking constitutional crisis

OTTAWA, October 3, 2016 — Reacting to Justin Trudeau’s punitive Carbon Tax, Conservative Leadership candidate Andrew Scheer, MP demanded that the federal Liberal government honour the right of provincial governments to opt-out of any job-killing carbon tax regime.

“As we’ve already seen, the Trudeau government’s continued hostility towards the energy industry has already cost hundreds of jobs across the country.  This new mean-spirited tax is an attack on the wallets of every Canadian family,” said Scheer.

“Justin Trudeau’s ‘Ottawa Knows Best’ plan of imposing a massive carbon tax is a cold-hearted attack on working Canadians and their provincial governments. Threatening unilateral federal taxes that could vary from province to province could provoke a constitutional crisis. This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent. 

“I stand with the governments of Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. I encourage every provincial government to examine their full range of legal options to oppose this ideological attack on jobs.”

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