Scrap the Carbon Tax

Canada’s natural environment is spectacular.   A Carbon Tax, however, does nothing to protect it.  Instead, it transfers your money to the government for projects that offer you little benefit. 

Canada produces less than two per cent of global greenhouse gases thanks to the generation of clean electricity and long-standing air pollution controls.  A Carbon Tax not only discourages investment in Canada but it hurts you. Today, Canadians will cook their breakfast, drive to work, buy groceries, heat their home and play hockey at the rink.  The Liberal Carbon Tax makes these activities and necessities of life more expensive.  It raises the cost of everything and puts jobs at risk while doing little for the environment.

As Prime Minister, Andrew will cancel the Liberal Carbon Tax.  He will support a sector by sector approach to reduce greenhouse gases in cooperation with industry and the United States.  This will protect Canada’s environment while keeping jobs in Canada and more money in your pocket. 

Do you support Scrapping the Carbon Tax?