February 03, 2017

Senator Scott Tannas joins Andrew Scheer campaign as National Fundraising Chair

Andrew Scheer, leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada today welcomed Senator Scott Tannas of Alberta as National Fundraising Chair.

Senator Tannas is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur, who, prior to becoming a Senator, was President/CEO and founder of the Western Financial Group.

Elected in 2012 as an Alberta Senator-in-waiting, he was appointed to the Senate in 2013. He is a born and bred Albertan who has long been engaged in charitable work as a donor and fundraiser as well. He is an Honorary Director of SOS Children’s Villages Canada, and Chairman of the Western Communities Foundation.

“We are building a strong, national team of experienced and real Conservatives.” said Scheer. “Senator Tannas has a deep breadth of experience in business and a strong belief in the vision for the party and Canada that we are bringing to Conservatives. I am very happy to welcome Senator as National Fundraising Chair.

Said Tannas, “I am proud to support Andrew Scheer as the next leader of the Conservative party of Canada. He is a principled leader with a vision of real conservatism which I believe will unite conservatives throughout the country as we seek to defeat the Liberals in 2019”.