November 26, 2016

Statement by Andrew Scheer recognizing Holodomor Memorial Day

I would like to join the Ukrainian community and indeed all Canadians in observing the 83rd Anniversary of the Holodomor Genocide.

We must never forget the tragedy that swept across Ukraine in 1932-1933. The land that was known as the breadbasket of Europe was ravaged by an artificial famine, orchestrated by Stalin and his totalitarian communist regime.

People of Canada and others around the world will pause to remember the millions of men, women and children murdered by starvation. We must stand with Ukrainian Canadians across the country to honour both the victims and survivors of this tragedy.

8 years ago, Canada was the first country to recognize this deliberate and systematic starvation of millions of civilians as an act of genocide. Together as Canadians, we must ensure the history of the Holodomor is remembered. We must continue to stand against the type of hatred that gave rise to such a despicable assault on humanity.

I would like to pay respect to the unbelievable strength that it took for Ukraine to survive the Holodomor and to emerge as an independent nation.

Today, Ukraine and its people are being forced, once again, to defend their dignity and fundamental human rights. Let us pay tribute to the victims of the famine genocide in Ukraine while remembering the reality of the aggressor the Ukrainian people face now.

I stand with Ukrainian Canadians as you observe this solemn occasion.