Tax Savings on Home Energy

Of all the things Canadian homeowners need to worry about, heating and powering their homes should not be first and foremost. Yet many families are struggling to cope with these costs thanks to reckless and ill-advised Liberal mismanagement and over-taxation.

Canadians, especially those in Ontario, have seen their gas and power bills go through the roof. One should never have to be forced to make the choice between filling their fridge or keeping it plugged in. This is a choice that many have had to make, based purely on bad policy and bad governance. It must stop.

Currently, the federal government does not tax essentials, like most groceries or medical supplies. Mr. Scheer believes home energy should also be included in that exemption.  At a time where Canadians are paying exorbitant bills on home energy, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have introduced a Carbon Tax which makes the cost of heating or cooling and powering homes in Canada even more expensive. The insane cost of energy hits seniors and those living on fixed incomes especially hard.

I have already stated that the first Bill tabled by an Andrew Scheer government will be a repeal of the carbon tax, but I will then ensure further savings for Canadians by removing GST/HST off home energy. This is essentially, the Anti-‘Carbon Tax’ Policy.

Surely we can agree that keeping your home warm in the winter in Canada is essential. Taking the tax off home energy makes sense. It will put some money back in the pockets of hard-working Canadians, money that the government should not have been taking in the first place.

Do you support Tax Savings on Home Energy?