Justin Trudeau is once again targeting law-abiding firearms owners instead of criminals. His new gun laws come just two weeks after the Liberals rejected Conservative proposals to target violent criminals and gun smugglers, and now his government is actually reducing sentences for serious gun crimes, including weapons trafficking and importing, even for people convicted multiple times for gun offences.

Add your name to the growing list of Canadians who are fed up with the Liberals demonizing hunters and sport shooters while going easy on violent criminals!

WHEREAS the overwhelming majority of violent crimes are committed with illegal firearms;

WHEREAS criminals who are already breaking the law are not worried about breaking new laws;

WHEREAS previous Liberal attempts at gun control have proven ineffective and costly;

AND WHEREAS the most effective way to tackle gun crime is by targeting smuggled firearms and the criminals who use them;

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby call on Members of Parliament to REJECT the proposed Liberal gun laws.

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