Inflation is a tax. As the purchasing power of your dollar goes down, prices go up. Everything gets more expensive.

Trudeau’s massive spending problem is the cause of the recent inflation spike. He has run out of other people’s money to borrow. This has meant that for over a year, the Bank of Canada has been printing billions of dollars of new money to loan to the government. So the value of your paycheck goes down, as the Bank floods the system with new money created out of thin air.

The Bank usually has an inflation target of 2 per cent. Recently, the inflation rate has blown past that target. In August alone the rate doubled.

Now Justin Trudeau's government is considering changing the Bank of Canada's mandate to allow for even greater inflation, even though a majority of Canadians oppose increasing the bank's inflation target.

Liberals love inflation. It is easier for politicians to print more money rather than hike taxes.

Raising the Bank of Canada's inflation target is nothing more than another way for Justin Trudeau to tax Canadians without having to get approval from Parliament.

Tell Trudeau to stop lowering the value of the dollar you earn. Tell him get his spending under control instead of creating new money out of thin air.

Add your name to the growing list of Canadians who are fed up with Justin Trudeau's Inflation Tax!

Whereas Justin Trudeau's government has already printed enormous amounts of money to cover his out-of-control spending, thereby increasing the cost of living for every Canadian for years to come.

We the undersigned call on the government to abandon any plans to raise the Bank of Canada’s inflation target.

Will you sign?

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