Justin Trudeau's Liberals promised they wouldn’t raise the Carbon Tax. They lied. They just hiked it from $50 per tonne to $170 per tonne. That’s over 300%. 

This doesn’t help the environment, it’s just a cash grab. Now we know how the Liberals will pay for their massive deficits. 

Add your name to the growing list of Canadians who are fed up with the Liberal Carbon Tax!

WHEREAS the Liberal Carbon Tax makes life more expensive — everything from gas to groceries to home heat;

WHEREAS the Liberals lied to Canadians before the last election about their plans to increase the Carbon Tax;

WHEREAS Justin Trudeau announced a massive hike to the Carbon Tax, which will add at lest 30 cents per litre of gasoline and raise the cost of other essentials;

AND WHEREAS higher energy taxes in Canada will drive investment and jobs to foreign economies with low environmental standards, worsening global pollution;

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED call on the federal government to stop the Carbon Tax, lower the tax burden, and let workers and seniors keep more of what they have earned.

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